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Are you waiting for the next step?

So many times we don’t want to tackle anything new until we know step by step what we’re going to do and how we ‘re going to do it.

Are you waiting for the next step?

You might call it the paralysis of analysis – instead of taking action we…

…think about how we’ll do it and
…try to work out all the details and
…do more research and
…think about it some more until
…enough time passes that we
…just blow it off and decide we’re going to do something else.

Hopefully you can see why this step-by-step mentality can be a real motivation killer for you. You’ll never know every step it’s going to take to achieve something because you simply don’t know everything that’s going to happen (and not happen) along the way.

Personally, I think all you need are 2 things to get started on any project: You need to know what your end goal is, and you need the first step to take to begin moving towards that goal. Oh yes, and then you need to TAKE that first step. Once step 1 is out of the way, step 2 will reveal itself and so forth.

With this mindset there is nothing to bog you down and nothing to get in the way of taking action and making progress, even if the progress turns out to be discovering a way that does not work. Remember Edison and the light bulb – he discovered hundreds of ways NOT to make a bulb, clearing the way to inventing it.

Dean Hunt has his own take on the step-by-step mindset of knowing every step you’re going to take before you begin the journey. In fact, he has a brilliant 3 letter word for it – but I won’t steal his thunder, so you’ll want to watch his short video to discover what that word is…

What’s your next step? Take it.

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